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The wooden bed is without doubt one of the cornerstones of the Bio furniture products.
It is indeed a key element in every home, where we spend at least a third of our days. The bed is the place where we restore our energies lost throughout the day, and the choice of a good bed must be based on several considerations, which are not only related to aesthetics.

In Vivere Zen's catalog you will find different production lines made of genuine wood, and each one is distinguished by different elements, according to a careful selection that allows us to offer you, in this way, a wide range of options.

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TORINO Collection - Italian handicraft

Okumè or ash interlocking beds

All of our Torino line beds are painted with organic varnishes and, depending on the model, can be made entirely with interlocking joints or with just a few metal screws. The materials used are okumé and solid ash. You can also request personalized measurements of the bed frame, while the height can be customized only if stated in our catalog.

MILANO Collection - Traditional as in the old days

Handmade furniture with your favorite wood

Within this range, you will find beds made of solid wood, with precious essences. Every single lot of wood purchased is chosen in compliance with Green Peace's guidelines, and is provided with tracking of its origin. For the articles of our Milano collection you can request the most diverse customizations.

Platform beds range

Ground beds like in Japan - Milano, Torino, Karup collections

Our beds in this selection are low platform beds, in pure Japanese style. These products range from the simple wooden frame to be placed around the tatami, to models such as Yama with rigid slats and bed edge in solid okumé. The slats allow a better breathability of the mattress. You will find handcrafted items that can be customized in every detail, or models with a lower price but mass-produced, as the Japanese bed Dock.

BALTA collection - Solid beech from Northern Europe

Natural or walnut oil finish

The BALTA collection is made of beech wood. The natural coloring enhances the warm tones of this wood, and is made with a completely natural linseed oil wood stain. Here you will find the wooden bed Quadro, with an oriental and geometric style, and the Nova bed, a slatted base with the stylish detail of slanted feet. Nova is part of a special collection: from the bedside table to the sofa and the room almost furnishes on its own.

VARSAVIA Collection - Slim western aesthetics

Solid laminated pine or beech wood in your favorite stain

The VARSAVIA line mixes Nordic simplicity with the addition of some exquisite details. Here you will find models such as Agava that make minimalism their forte; on the other hand, the Nirvana bed, while featuring basic lines, adds an extra touch through the geometric decorations of the headboard. All these beds are made in different colors, and are available in both pine and laminated beech.

JAPANDI collection - The crossover between Japanese and Scandinavian style

Solid pine or beech laminate with your favorite stain

Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Both share the idea of minimalist and functional furniture. The Japanese style, however, prefers warm and welcoming colors, while the Nordic furniture prefers cooler tones with strong contrasts. Various colors are also available for the beds in this line, from whitened to rosewood. The two souls of the Japandi style are fully expressed by the materials used: pine and laminated beech.

SALVASPAZIO Selection - Storage beds or with drawers

Torino and Japandi ranges

The Lichene bed with drawers is available both with side drawer and single front drawer versions, with or without headboard. These products are made of solid okumé wood, completely interlocking. As an alternative you can have a look at Sparta, and Spectrum models (Japandi collection) which are available with storage space or with drawers. The materials used are always beech and laminated pine, painted with organic varnishes.

BASIC collection

Okumè or fir wood

In our Basic Collection you can find the simplest bed bases of the Vivere Zen catalog. Except for Bio Wood, all slatted bed bases arrive with the whole bed frame, and it is only necessary to insert the feet, which have a pre-assembled screw. There are no other metal parts. The products are manufactured using water-based coatings. The bedsteads coded LF, the Bio Wood bed and the Ukyo have okumè bed frames, whereas the LM models are made from fir wood.

Torino Collection – Italian craftsmanship
Ash or Okoume beds with interlocking systems

The beds in this collection are all painted with organic varnishings and, depending on the model, can be made entirely with interlocking systems or few metal screws. The woods used are solid Okoume or Ash.
For all models, it is possible to request customized sizes of the bed frame. The height, on the other hand, can be changed only when specified in the catalogue. All beds can be used with tatamis or with slats. With simple but yet bold lines, these products fit perfectly with both modern or minimalist environments, as well as in Japanese-style rooms. It is possible to request different colors, from wenge to cherry, walnut or bleached, or even natural color. Primer and varnishings come from the brand Solas, an Italian brand of natural paintings. You can come and see a selection of these products at our showroom in Turin.

ARBRA Collection – zero-kilometer handicraft
ARBRA Collection – zero-kilometer handicraft

With the aim of being sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic and social point of view, Vivere Zen, in collaboration with La Foresta di Susa and the Compagnia del Cotone, has created a 100% Italian, organic and zero kilometer furniture collection: ARBRA.
The woods (pine, cedar, larch, cherry and canaletto walnut) do not come from ad hoc crops, but from 5% of the trees removed during the forest maintenance activities carried out annually in Val di Susa. After cutting, the timber is seasoned and handcrafted in Piedmont, giving life to furnishing elements with simple and minimal lines, in line with the Zen philosophy, which is given a touch of color by the fabric parts, optionally applicable in some parts of the bed. The cotton fabrics are made by Parà, a prestigious Italian company, and are available in a wide range of colors.
The finish is made with oil and beeswax and optionally with Solas paints, natural, harmless and Petrol Free.

Milano Collection – Traditional as it once was
Handmade furniture, with the wood you prefer

Within this collection, you will find beds made with precious woods. Each single batch of wood purchased is chosen in compliance with the guidelines provided Green Peace, and is provided with tracing of origin. For the items of the Milano Collection, you can request the most diverse customizations. We use exclusively solid wood. If you need ad hoc measures for the size of the mattress, for the height or the thickness of the frame, or if you want to come and visit our laboratory in Milan, or else if you want to design a specific bed that doesn’t correspond to any of those in the catalogue, do not hesitate to call.
The beds of the Milano Collection, such as the Shiro or the Yutaka, were designed by an expert craftsman of Japanese woodworking techniques. Given the scarcity of iron and the too yielding quality of the little mineral present on the island, in Japan since ancient times a real culture of wooden joints has developed, to create entirely interlocking furnishings and constructions. The wooden joints combine beauty and functionality, and guarantee that the purchased product is completely biodegradable and 100% organic. However, for the beds of this collection, it is possible to choose the version with metal screws, which entails a considerable reduction in costs.
The beds are treated exclusively with Solas brand natural orange essence varnishings. The impregnating agent used is strictly transparent: the various colors in the catalog will not be obtained by coloring, but with the use of different qualities of wood.

Japanese beds selection
Japanese flooring beds

Japanese flooring beds are those models reflecting the oriental idea of floor standing bed. Within the selection you will find products like the Yama, made in Okoume solid wood, or else the Hako and the Koro, which can be made in various woods.

Balta Collection – Beech solid wood from North Europe
Natural or walnut color oil finishing

These beds are of European production and it is not possible to request customizations. The beds within this collection are the Quadro and the Nova, which combine simplicity and elegance. Beech wood is the protagonist: this wood, with its light and warm color at the same time enhances the essential style of the models without weighing it down. The coloring is made with linseed oil finish.

Varsavia collection – occidental slender aethetic
Laminated pine or beech wood with different colors available

Within this collection you will find eco-friendly beds of European productions, for which it is not possible to request customizations, except when indicated in the description. The wood used are pine, lighter, and beech, warmer. These models are characterized by thin bedframe and feet. Different colors are available for the Varsavia collection beds, from whitened to rosewood. There are always metal screws. You can find further information downloading the booklet on the website.

Japandi Collection –trasversal style between Japanese and Scandinavian
Laminated pine or beech wood with different colors available

When it comes to the materials used and the colors, these products have the same characteristics as the Varsavia collection. The models in this catalog show more massive volumes, with small differences between one model and another, such as a groove in the headboard or the shape of the feet. Beds like the Spectrum or Sparta, especially if made of natural pine wood, are a perfect example of the Japandi style, which combines the idea of essential and functional furniture of the Japanese aesthetic, with colder colors and strong contrasts, which are instead typical of the Scandinavian style.

Space-saving selection – beds with storage box or drawers
Torino and Japandi collection

If you want an eco-friendly bed, without metal parts, choose the Lichene model with drawers. Alternatively, you will find the Sparta and Spectrum beds from the Japandi line. For the Sparta and the Vestre you will find both the version with drawers and storage box. The Spectrum model, on the other hand, is only available in the version with container. The materials used are beech and pine, painted with organic varnishigs. The storage-box beds have a metal base, while the versions with drawers have a wooden base.

BASIC Collection
Okumé or Fir wood

The Basic collection beds are the simplest bed bases in the Vivere Zen catalog. The slatted frames come with the whole bed frame, and it is only necessary to screw the feet, which have a pre-assembled screw. There are no other metal parts. The exception is the Bio Wood bed in okumé which is sent disassembled and is completely free of metal parts. The bed bases with the LF code and the Ukyo bed have flexible slats. In the case of the LF bed, the varnish used is transparent, and reveals the pink color of the wood. The Ukyo bed, as well as the Bio Wood, can also be made in other shades, from wenge to whitened.

The bed bases indicated with the LM code are in fir wood and can have a choice of rigid or flexible slats. They have different colors in the catalog and you can find also a model with headboard. Water colors are used. For these models you can have customizations both for the size of the network and for the thickness and height of the feet.
The bed bases indicated with the LM code are in fir wood and can have a choice of rigid or flexible slats. They have different colors in the catalog and you can find also a model with headboard. Water colors are used. For these models you can have customizations both for the size of the network and for the thickness and height of the feet.

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