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Japan Beds


How is a Japanese bed made?

Just like its Western equivalent, a Japanese bed can be made up of several different elements. Most just use the futon resting on a tatami or on the floor. Others prefer the comforting familiarity of a Western bed and thus something "raised" off the ground.  

Japanese beds

The Japanese beds in our catalog have different heights and are available in both double and French versions. They feature a square or rectangular structure. The structure itself can simply frame the tatami mats, or it can support wooden slats and futons above them. Inside the catalog there are structures both with and without headboard. Let's see in detail.

Platform beds

Platform beds incarnate in many ways the principles of Zen philosophy, which preaches simplicity above all else. They consist, in fact, of a platform placed directly on the floor or nearly so. The surface is flat, in some cases several inches larger than the futon.
A separate place among the platform beds on sale is assigned to the frames: in this case the structure has no slats and the tatami rests directly on the ground. In this way it is possible to walk on it. Combining a tatami frame with a futon, it is possible to fold the mattress during the day and use the space regained as and area for gym or meditation corner.

Wood only

Japanese beds are all-natural, made from only wood. The artisans assemble them using an interlocking joint system, which makes them solid without using screws or glues. This is a great way to provide a product free of harmful substances that would be bad for your sleep and health.
In the past, these techniques were so highly valued that each craftsman jealously guarded them, handing them down only within the family.

Natural finishes

Commonly, the wood used for Japanese beds is completely untreated. Alternatively, pieces finished with natural and environmentally friendly substances are available. The most common are oil, wax and water-based varnishes. The latter are used to protect the wood, without altering its qualities. If you would like to provide the varnishing of the bed yourself, it is possible to purchase the varnished or unfinished version of many of our products.

The Top of our Collections

In our online store section regarding Wooden Beds you will find our beds sorted by production line. The Milano Collection, for example, is specialized in solid wood products and the Torino Collection works with solid Okumé and Ash wood. Within the category Japanese Beds the products are divided not by origin but by product category. If you have concerns about what you can see in the Turin Showroom and in the Milan Laboratory respectively, we invite you to give us a call.

Produzione Italiana e produzione Europa

Unlike the articles related to the Milano and Torino Collections, some beds are made in Europe. These are: bed Dock, Japan, Ziggy and Senka, made of Scandinavian pine, the Quadro bed, made of beech wood, and the models Spectrum, Vestre and Sparta, made of laminated beech or pine. This means that it is not possible to request customizations for any of these products, apart from those possibly indicated on the sale page in the store. On the other hand, since the items are mass-produced, they will have an average price lower than the 100% handcrafted models. 

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