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All the mattresses that you can find on our website share a common feature: they have no springs or other metal parts, in order to guarantee the best sleep quality.

You can choose between wool, latex and memory foam mattresses. For all models are available single, queen and king size. Customized sizes are available upon request.

100% natural latex
100 night trial. And if you are not satisfied, the return is free.

Latex originates from the Latin word latex, which literally means liquid. Latex is the most elastic material in the world and it is 100% natural. There are mattresses with different percentages of latex: the higher the latex content, the softer the mattress will be.


A topper is a fine mattress that is placed on the bed to change its characteristics. A latex topper will therefore make the mattress softer, a cotton one stiffer and cooler, while wool toppers are great for cold climates.


Purchasing a certified product means guaranteeing that the principles of environmental sustainability and respect for man's work established by the certifying body have been observed at every stage of production.

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Wool mattresses, modern declination of the futon, are 100% natural just like their ancestor. Wool mattresses in our catalog are made with 5 or 6 layers of wool, for a total thickness of 14/16 cm, and can be made of wool, or pure organic wool with GOTS certificate. You can request a quote with customizations such as coconut or latex inserts.

Wool mattresses are quilted, to keep the filling firm, while latex and memory foam mattresses are always provided with a completely removable cover. There are several fabrics available. They range from simple Silver cloth, washable at 60°, with antibacterial properties, to 100% organic covers, with air padding, for those who are looking for a product as natural as possible.

Latex mattresses are made of rubber extracted from the Hevea Brasiliens tree, which is the most elastic material known in nature. Vivere Zen has chosen for its mattresses latex sheets branded LatexCo, a Belgian company with Eurolatex certification. You can also add a sheet of coconut to latex mattresses, which increases the stiffness and breathability of the product. Memory foam mattresses are made with synthetic solutions in order to offer the best support thought by modern technology. The major difference between latex and memory is the following: latex is elastic and adapts quickly to body movements. This material is therefore strongly recommended for those who are looking for a fresh and elastic bed and are used to turning over often during the night. Memory sheets, on the contrary, shape around you due to the dual action of weight and body heat. A memory foam mattress shapes like a cradle, and is therefore more suitable for those who tend to keep the same position during sleep. Traditional memory is notoriously warmer than the other materials we've talked about and you will need to use a topper or a padded cover. Our Ekomemory mattress uses an immediate-release formula, that doesn’t create this feeling of warmth.

Trivia and selection guide

All of Vivere Zen's mattresses range from medium to firm bearing capacity. If a mattress that is too firm, in fact, could create points of excessive pressure, one that is too soft, would risk collapsing in the points where the weight is greater. Soft mattresses are therefore recommended only in cases of long stays, to prevent the risk of bedsores.
All our latex and memory foam mattresses feature differentiated zones, in order to offer an ideal support to the various parts of the body.

Latex mattresses: they can be combined with all the beds available on our website as long as they have slats and not tatami. If you choose a bed with drawers or containers, it is always a good idea not to fill the lower compartment to the brim, so as to allow the product to breathe. Placed in a humid environment, in fact, or on a support that prevents proper ventilation, the mattress would risk mold. The higher the percentage of natural latex, the more elastic the mattress will be, but at the same time more sensitive to humidity.

Memory mattresses: these are the ones that require the least maintenance. They are therefore excellent for beach houses or places that remain closed for a long time. There is only to be careful, as previously stated, some of these models may feel too "warm"!

Wool mattresses: excellent on both slats and tatami, can be folded in two, and therefore show great flexibility. They are great for those who wish to purchase a product that is 100% natural. The main drawback of these products, is that in case they lose their shape, then you may need to bat them.

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